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Adam and Phoebe at a friend's wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to
In The Great Wide!

We are Adam & Phoebe

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
& for once it might be grand
To have someone understand
I want so much more than they've got planned”
-Belle, Beauty & the Beast

We are Adam & Phoebe,
an adventurous couple full of wanderlust.

We’ve been dating since January 2018
& we love traveling together & experiencing local treasures!

After growing up in different parts of the

Midwestern United States

(Adam in Iowa & Phoebe in Oklahoma),

we met in Los Angeles

in the most stereotypical way: at a bar.

Of course, like every good love story,

it’s far more complicated than that,

but it’s fun to tell people we met at a bar.


Adam was producing one final show

at the small independent theater

he helped run for ten years,

Phoebe had a crush on one of Adam’s actors.

Luckily, the actor never showed up

at the bar after the show,

giving us time to chat.

We bonded over movies, music, & whiskey.

It didn’t take long before we both realized

we wanted to get out In The Great Wide,


Phoebe and Adam at Oran Mor, a cathedral turned into a pub, in Glasgow, Scotland

We love our adopted home of LA

& sit on a plethora of knowledge

of this wonderful city

that we want to share,

but we feel most alive

when we are experiencing new things

& going new places!

We usually travel on a low budget,

but we stretch our money

so we can go as many places as possible

because we believe that nothing

should get in the way of experiencing life!


We have a group of friends

that we travel with from time to time

(hello, group discounts!),

but for the most part,

it’s just the two of us, & we don’t mind.


Although we both traveled

a fair amount before we met,

we do almost everything together now

& we’re always finding cool stuff

wherever we go!

We both love live music & museums. 

We’re wary of tourist traps

but think that some are

absolutely worth experiencing

& we always ask for recommendations

from locals on where to go.


We love trying new, weird foods

& wandering through old cemeteries.


We drink a lot of whiskey

& love meeting new people.


Experiencing different cultures

is what we’re all about!

Phoebe and Adam in the Japanese Gardens at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA
Adam and Phoebe grabbing a beer at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles

In The Great Wide isn’t just a travel blog

- it’s a travel lifestyle blog.


That means that we not only share

fun stories

of our amazing adventures

while traveling the world,

but we also share practical lifestyle advice

on how to save money

so you can travel more too!

Even if it's just getting out more

in your own city,

you should only spend money

& your precious time

on things that you know will be amazing

so we're here to do the research for you

& tell you what is & is not worth it!

A bit about Adam :

Adam enjoying a pint at Kilderkin pub in Edinburgh, Scotland

I am an award-winning, published playwright that has been working in the film and tv business for 15 years. I’ve traveled to half of the states in the USA, lived in Dublin for a spell, found my grandmother’s childhood home in Germany, and soaked up the beautiful clear waters of the northern coast of Spain. I would like to personally thank Phoebe for taking me along for the weird, wonderful ride we call life. 

Phoebe and Adam before and after riding the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

A bit about Phoebe :

Phoebe during a funny afternoon at the pool in Los Angeles

I’m a photographer who loves being out in nature. I have a flask (full of whiskey, of course) that I use like a Travelocity gnome to document the places I've been & I'm extremely detail-oriented.  I love dogs, fairytales, karaoke, & gothic architecture.  I felt a deep connection with the UK since I first traveled to England at the age of 16, before I even knew that it’s where most of my ancestors are from. I let passion guide me & I love wholeheartedly. I started my bucket list when I was 15 & was told I was too young to do that, but I think you should always chase what excites you, no matter your age or anything else!  I will always pursue goals that are much larger than what a single life can hold & my greatest hope is to live a life that will inspire others to fully live their own.

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to meet you!

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