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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Travel Blog Post About Drake's Seat Pirate Lookout Point in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Drake’s Seat should be a stop on any tour of St. Thomas, if not for the supposed legend of the location, then simply for the amazing views of the island, Magens Bay, and the Caribbean Sea.


What is Drake’s Seat?

Simply put, Drake’s Seat is a lookout point with incredible views. There is space for you to pull over in a car and step out of the vehicle to enjoy panoramic views of the island and the Caribbean Sea, including nearby Magens Bay. There is also a bench if you’d like to sit for a while; it would likely be a sunset view you would never forget.

Where is Drake’s Seat?

Drake’s Seat is in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It lies at the top of a mountain between Charlotte Amalie and Magens Bay.

How to Get to Drake’s Seat

You will have to grab a taxi to take you up to Drake’s Seat, but don’t stop there! If you’re spending the day at Magens Bay, Coki Beach, or really going anywhere heading north out of Charlotte Amalie, you can just ask your taxi driver to make a stop at Drake’s Seat. There may be waiting charges for your taxi while you take in the view (supposed to be $1 per minute, but I bet you could haggle with the driver), but don’t let that deter you.

A lot of cruise excursions will include a quick stop at Drake’s Seat like ours through Royal Caribbean did, so if you’re visiting St. Thomas via cruise ship, check what else they’ve combined this with to create a full island tour.

While there is public transportation available in Charlotte Amalie (however unreliable it may be), there is none that will take you to Drake’s Seat.

Peterborg Peninsula and a Yacht in Magens Bay in the US Virgin Islands as Seen From Drake's Seat Lookout Point on St Thomas

Do You Need a Reservation to go to Drake’s Seat?

Reservations and tickets are not required. It’s a free, public space that’s open 24 hours-a-day.

History of Drake’s Seat

The ‘official history’, as told by our taxi driver, is that Sir Francis Drake, the famous pirate hunter-turned-pirate, would use it as a perch to scan for the Spanish Armada that he was hunting for/being hunted by. There is no physical evidence that Drake would hang out there, but it’s very possible that he did, as it’s a great view of Magens Bay, which legend says was a resting area for pirates between adventures.

Drake’s Seat, as it is now, was created by Arthur S. Fairchild in 1933. He was a Wall Street tycoon and former President of the New York Stock Exchange who (remarkably) owned most of Magens Bay and the surrounding groves. He loved St. Thomas and helped to perpetrate the notion of Drake using this particular spot to boost tourism to the island. He gifted Magens Bay and 56 surrounding acres to the people of St. Thomas the day after Christmas in 1946.

Regardless of how true the legend of Drake’s Seat is, the views are phenomenal. Seeing the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet is absolutely breathtaking.

Panoramic View From Drake's Seat of Magens Bay and Caribbean Sea on the Island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Our Experience at Drake’s Seat

Drake’s Seat was part of our shore excursion booked through Royal Caribbean in St. Thomas, which took us first to the Skyride to Paradise Point (another spot for amazing views), here, and then off to Magens Bay Beach for a relaxing afternoon of lounging in soft white sands.

Because of the awesome views, this spot is insanely popular. When our open air taxi arrived, our driver had to struggle around 3 other similar vehicles to park. There were quite a few people there, as there were 3 cruise ships docked at the island that day. If you’re just staying on the Island, it’d be best to come up on the cruise ship off-days. You can find the port schedule on this website.

After spending a few minutes taking in the views and snapping pictures, we all piled back into our open-air taxi (which was more like a bus) to be whisked away to the beach we had just been admiring below. You don’t need a ton of time here, but stopping to take a breath and appreciate the scenery was certainly welcomed.

Speaking of the open-air taxi, our driver positively flew up and down the hills to get to Drake’s Seat. If you’re prone to motion sickness, just be aware that the drivers are very comfortable with going very fast up and down the steep roads on the island.

Aerial View from Drake's Seat of the Peterborg Peninsula of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Our Verdict - Is Drake’s Seat Worth Going To?

The views at Drake’s Seat are incredibly amazing; it’s a perfect spot for pictures or just to take in the beautiful paradise that is St. Thomas. When we make it back to the island for a multi-day stay, I’m sure we will enjoy a sunset here.

Wide View of Neighboring US Virgin Islands from Drake's Seat in St Thomas

Quick Reference Guide for Drake's Seat


Drake’s Seat


  • Between Charlotte Amalie and Magens Bay

  • 933F+44Q, Rte 37, St. Thomas, St Thomas 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands

How to Get There

Taxi - there is no public transportation on St. Thomas that can get to Drake's Seat

Time Commitment

5 minutes to however long you want - it's open 24 hours



Reservation Info

No reservations needed

Our Verdict

Questionable legend, but beautiful views nonetheless. Highly recommended!

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